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The independent sector of the corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box industries is represented and protected by AICC, The Independent Packaging Association.
The largest corporate membership group in the corrugated and paperboard industries is AICC. AICC will continue to use our brand to impact the growth and vibrancy of the industry. This deepens our ties and promotes Independent solidarity and support. To add further value and demonstrate its continued commitment for members within the packaging sector, we are now offering opportunities for members and non-members to promote their story. Sponsor events and/or advertise on AICC Canada’s website and social media platforms.

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AICC’s Website 


Advertising on AICC’s website gives your company the chance to target both members and non-members who frequently visit the site in search of association news and eventstraining programs, networking opportunities, and other things.

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Social media is the new marketing/advertising strategy that companies are looking to take advantage of. If you do or don’t have your own social media, you can leverage AICC Canada’s audience to reach out to future customers. Socila media marketing is:

  • Economical
  • Nurtures your creative voice, adds authenticity, complements advertising, and gives you platform for customer service
  • Creates active communities
  • Optimizes the search engine

Get your message in front of AICC members in the $67.9 billion corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box industries!
For pricing information on advertising packages, email info@aiccbox.ca or submit your advertising application online

AICC Canada Advertising Application

As an AICC Canada member you have access to advertising in BoxScore Magazine or inBOX eNewsletter.

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