Industry and Higher Education

• Our partnership with Conestoga College and their Packaging Engineering Technician Program assists our members by providing them with access to talented students, as well as supports students by exposing them to our industry and providing them with access to future decision makers.

The Packaging Engineering Technician program teaches students how to design packaging materials with structural integrity. Students will learn how to design and test packaging using a variety of materials, including metal, glass, plastic, paper, and corrugated cardboard. Product protection (safety and security), longevity, the ability to recycle products, and recycling opportunities and issues are all important factors to consider when designing packaging.

Each year the students participate in the AICC Canada Design Competition, a showcase of their acquired skills and knowledge.

The winners are offered monetary awards/scholarships for their Academic and Design achievements.

2021 Design Competition

2021 Design Competition Winner

Co-Op Opportunities

None available at this time.